* Japanese school uniform: headwear types caps hats trends

Japanese School Uniform Headwear: Type Trends

Figure 1.--Here we see boys from a state primary school on a field trip, probably in the 1960s. It looks like a park visit. Notice the boys are all wearing the same soft hats, sort of like golf hats. We have no idea why Japanese schools adopted this style. It was not worn in nJapan before schools began adoptung it.

Japanese children tend to wear headwear to school, especially primary children. While headwear has declined in Western countries, including school headwear, it is stiil very common at Japanese schools. Outside of school, the children do not commonly wear headwear, but for school most do, especually primary children. Many secondary boys wear cadet caps, but secondaty girls do not usually wear headwear. Japan has both uniform and non uniform primary schools. Most do not require uniforms., but there are many schools that do require a basic school uniform. Most of these uniforms include caps or hats. But even the non-uniformn schools tendedv to require headwear. The headwear like the uniform itself varied widely. The headwear is often coordinated with the uniform style. Many schools had strict rules about wearing the uniform headwear, including the non-uniform schools. The headwear for the younger children is commonly done in bright colors to ensure they can be seen by motorists. We note a lot baseball-style caps in the post-war era, presumably the American influence. In more recent years we note more and more children wearing hats.


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