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Lederhosen Hosiery: Loferl -- Chronology

Lederhosen Loferl
Figure 1.--This snapshot was taken in Bavaria, probably during the early-1950s. Both the father and son are wearing Lederhosen with Loferl as a folk costume. The Loferl seem to be home knitted. The boy is barefoot. The father seems yo be wearing shoes without any other hosiery. They seem to be with an older brother wearing knickers.

The photographic record suggest that Loferl were much less common than the other hosiery choices. This was especially true for boys. This is the case even if you just look at boys wearing Lederhosen being worn as a folk costuming. We first note Loferl in 19th century Bavaria. We do not have much in the way of 19th century photographic evidence, but we have found some art work. A good example is a Paul Hermannn Wagner painting. We do not know when Wagner painted the work, but believe it could have been painted any time 1880-1930. We do have some 20th century photographs. And all of them show Loferl being worn as part of a folk costume, much more commonly by adults than boys. The earliest photographs we have found comes the early-20 century. The studio portrait there is a good example on the previous page. We have a very extensive archive of German 20th century studio portraits and snapshots, but rearely do Loferl show up, except when boys are dressed up in Tracht outfits for sopecial occasions. We noyice a boy with his father in the early 1950s, both wear identical Tracht outfits with Loferl, except the boy is barefoot (figure 1). They nay be a farm family or perhaps it is an eraly phase of the post-War German Economic Miracle. This is the last time we see a German boy barefoot with Loferl. Although in recent years the Barefoot Movement has taken on some interest in Germany.


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