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Lederhosen Hosiery: Long Stockings--Chronology

Lederhosen long stockings
Figure 1.-- Here we see a group of German children, perhaps a school group. We believe the snapshot was taken in the 1950s. There are on an outing in the school. Notice that one of the boys wears lederhosen with brown long stockings rther than the long pants or ski-pants the other boys wear. We know that some boys wore long stockings underneath long trousers in the 1950s because of personal statements. But lederhosen were not infrequent.

we note few impages of boys wering lederhosen with long stockings during the early 20th century. We are not sure just why this was. It may have to do with how common lederhosen were. Or patterns affecting how and when photographs were taken. Boys wearing ledrhosen in rural areas who were most likely to wear them with long stockins may not have been photofraphed as much as other boys. This went out of style in the 1930s as the NAZIs saw long stockings as only suitable for girls and younger children. We do note a younger rural boy wearing them in 1943. After the War we note them being worn again in Germany , especially during the 1940s and to a lesser extent the 1950s. We note one of three brothers wearing lederhosen with long stockings about 1952. The boy here was photographed in 1957 (figure 1). Almost always long stockings worn with lederhosen were worn for warmth and not as part of a formal outfit. A reader writes, "It is an interesting picture. The boy seems to be one of the few, if not only, boy not wearing a heavy sweater or coat. My guess is that it was cold with the snow on the ground. Maybe he wanted to show off his lederhosen or that he was tough and could tolerate the cold." It does seem a bit strange. I think he does have a sweatter, only he is wearing his suspenders over the sweater rather than under and thus his sweater is tucked in.


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