Long Stockings 1920s Chronology: Country Trends

 Lange Strümpfe
Figure 1.-- Here we see a Chicago boy sitting on the hood of the family car, we belkieve a 1929 Chevrolet. This means that the photograph was likrly taken in the 1929, but of course the early 30s is possible. The boywears a flat cap and short psnts suit sith light-colord (probanly beige) long stovkings. Nore the low-cut shoes.

Long stocking trends during the 1920s varied from country to country. Long stoclings continued to be widely worn in norther;y countries in North Anerica and Europe as wellas Japan. Boys in America mostly wore long stockings with knickers. Until the end of the decade thhis was the standard type of hosiery for boys wearing knickers. We see some younger boys wearing long stockings with short pants, but mostly they were worn with knickers. By the mid-1920s, however, we begin to see boys wearing knee socks. While long stockings did not dissapear they came to be worn by a smaller number of boys, alhthough the precise ratio is difficult to assess. This trend was much more pronounced in the 1930s. Long stockings were even more common in Canada to the north. In Europe long stockings were sill very common during the 1920s. We see many boys wearing them with with short pants. Long stockings continuded to be worn throughout northern Europe. England was an exception, although we still see some girls there wearing stockings. Both boys and girls wore long stockings in Scandanavia, Germany., Easterm Europe (especially Poland and the Baltics) and the Soviet Union. Here curiously there were social class differences. HBC has developed some information on long stocking colors in different countries, including Germany. Long stockings were also quite common in Czechoslovakia during the 1920s. We note a Czech boy wearing long stockings in 1925. In addition to Europe, long stockings were also eudely worn by Japanese children. Stockings were less common elesewhere in East Asia, even countries with imolasr climates because biys there were less likely to wear shortpsnts like Japanese boys.


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Created: 4:22 PM 5/9/2007
Last updated: 11:49 AM 5/13/2007