Boys' Hair Styles: France--Cropped Hair

Figure 1.--This CDV portait of two brothers with cropped hair was reportedly French, althogh there was no studio identification on the mount. The boys both have identical sailor suits, ecept for the dickey. They also both have cropped hair. The uponger boy does not look ild enough to ttend school yet.

We notice many late-19th and early-20th century images of French boys with cropped hair. It does not seem to have been as common as in Germany, but we see quite a few such images. We have, however, little information on this style in France. We note cropped hair in many Europen countries. )Interestingly, these cropped styles were much less common in America and Britain.) We are not sure why these style were so common. Fathers my have liked them, but we doubt that they appealed to mothers. We suspect that some schools may have promoted them for health reasons. They had a military look. We note that the French after the loss to the Germans in the Franco-Prussuan war introducd military stles in schools. This was part of a larger policy to build paritism and military vigor in French schools. But of course cropped hair was not just a French style. So cropped hair was mot just an outcome of the war, although it could have been a contrinuting influence. The whole issue of cropped hair is one tht we have not yet pursued in detail. We are not entirely sure what the causes for cropped hair was and the chronological trends. We are not yet sure to what extent French boys had cropped hsir in the early-20th century. Hopefully our French readers will be able to provide some insights.


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Created: 12:55 AM 11/27/2014
Last edited: 12:55 AM 11/27/2014