Boys' 1920s Pants and Trousers: Hosiery

Figure 1.--These German children, presumably brother and sister had their portraits taken in theor First Communion outfits. The boy wears a short pants sailor suit with black long stockings. The girl wears white long stockings.

We note all kinds of hosiery being worm in the 1920s with different kinds of pants. Boys wore three-quarter siocks, kneesocks, and long stockings. The Ritchie brothers, American boys, show that above-the-knee knickers were still popular. We see many younger boys in the early 20s were wearing three-quarter socks. Knee socks were more common for older boys and became increasingly common as the decade progressed. Two of the brothers wear this style of knickers, one with black and the other with the new beige long stockings, while the littlest boy wears short pants with socks. Black long stockings were still very common, but we see some boys weaing various shade of tan stockings. We note fewer boys wearing long stockings, but they were still very common. American boys like Warren Sonneman still commonly wore black long stockings. But we see many children wearing the new beige long stockings. A good example is an American boy in a school music group. German boys commonly wore long stockings, especially in the winter. We also see boys wearing better quality sheer long stockings for formal occassions like First Communion or Confirmations. We notice boys wearing white long stockings in the 1910s, but this was much less common in the 1920s when rgis was more common for girls.


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