Trouser Suspension: H-Bar Long Pants

Figure 1.--This photograph ar the Škoní Rok School in Czechoslovakia 1970 shows one boy wearing H-bar long pants. Only the youngest boys at the school wore them. This is a 1st or 2nd grade class. Notice the boy to the right wearing waht looks like one-piece long-alls. Another boy in the back seems to be wearing another pair of long-alls.

We have noted very few examples of boys wearing H-bar long pants. This is in sharp contrast to suspender and bib-front long long pants and shorts. We note Swedish school children wearing H-bar pants in the 1950s. Here we have a school portrait from Czechoslovakia in 1970. We suspect they were also worn in Hungary and perhaps other East=Bloc countries. We suspect this is because the style of H-bar shorts was so popular in these countries, that in the 1960s when short pants became less common, especially during the Winter, that the style caried over into H-bar long pants. We have only noted than being worn by younger boys perhaps up to 6 and 7 in the 1st and second grades.


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Created: 10:15 AM 6/23/04
Last updated: 6:04 PM 12/28/2004