Belgian Sailors Suits: Garments

Figure 1.--This unidentified Belgian boy wears a traditional sailor suit with a cap, sailor blouse and dickey and knee pants. Notice the dicket anchor and destinctive Belgian sleeve device. The boy has a white lanyard, presumably with a whistle. The cabinet card is undated, but looks like the 1890s. The studio was Ed. Wettstein in Verviers. This is an industrial city in the eastern part of Belgium, close to the German and Dutch border in the province of Liége.

We note Belgian boys wearing many different styles of sailor blouses. There were no destinctive Belgian styles. The only distinctive feature on some Belgiuan sailor blouses is the sleeve rank feature. You can see this on the bouse the boy here is wearing (figure 1). Not all Belgian blouses had them, but some did. Otherwise we see suits that look like French and Dutch suits. We do not know yet if there wre differences with the stles worn by the Flemish and Waloons. Many Belgian boys wore standard sailor blouses. The blouses had sailor collars with a V-front and back flap. There were other styles, but this was the most common detailing style. The boy on the previous page wears a jacket with double button rows, but held closed by a kind of tab on the top buttons. Stripes were common in the detailing. Three stripes were common, but there were a variety of other stripe arrangements. We also see stripes and nautical motifs on the dicky. Three stripes were traditional, especially on British and American blouses, but on the Continent there was greater variety. The blouses were commonly worn wih a scafe. The detailing on the V-front collar was continued on the back flaThe boy on the previous page has a blouse with four stripes. He has a striped dickey, a style popular in France. His sailor scrafe is tightly tied. We do not se scarves with a white cord like German blouses. The blouses as the name suggest sometimes blouses. These were pull-over garments,. Others did not blouse but hung loose. we also see button-pn blouses which acted to hold up the pants. Other sailor blouses buttoned` up the front. Most sailor suits were navy blue or white or sometimes a white blouse and navy pants. There were other color, but they were not nearly as common as the navy blue and white outfits.


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