Cuban School Uniforms: Academic Levels

Figure 1.--Here we see three Cuban secondary sctudents in Lavana. Notice the uniforms consisting of white topd and yellow bottoms.

Cuba has nursery and other pre-schools. The principal school ptohram is divided into primary and secondary levels. Kindergarten is for children 4-6 years of age. The children learn the national anthem, class discpline, and well as the beginning steps with masth and reading. The primary program is 6 years. The children are 6-11 yeats old. Secondary schools are divided into two levels, basic and supper levels. An alternative to the upper level is technical secondary. Basic secondary is a 3 year program for children 12-15 years of age. The children completing the program receive the Secondary School Completion Diploma. These students can choose between pre-university education and technical and professional education. The upper scecondary schools offer a 3 year program for children 15-18 years of age. There is both a ciclo medio superior or preuniversitario. The graduates receive a Bachillerato (Secondary School Leaving Certificate). The technical secondaries also offer a 3 year program for students 15-18 years of age. These students can persue two levels of qualification: skilled worker and middle-level technician. Graduates can attend technological institutes.


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