Christmas in Leichtenstein

Figure 1.-This Liechtenstein primary school is having its Christmas celebration. It shows th children with St. Nikolas who brings gifts to the good children and Knecht Ruprecht who beats the bad children. The children no doubt are on their best behavior.

The Christmas tradition in Leichtenstein is for Saint Nicholas (usually a costumed family member or family friend) visits the household and identifies the children who have been good and who has been bad. There is also aradition of Knecht Ruprecht who beats naughty children. Then the children tell him what they want the Christmas Angel to bring them on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Tree is the center of the Christmas celebration in the home. It is usually brought home about 2 weeks before Christmas. The family decorates the tree on Christmas Eve. Then the children are put to bed and are all excited as to what the Christkindli will bring them. Some families open their presents on Christmas Eve, but most with children do it on Christmas Day. Christmas is also a time to visit relatives in other villages and to exchange greetings and presents wih them. A Christmas market is held in Vaduz. The traditional Christmas market is now held on the square in front of the town hall has become one of the largest of its kind in the region. People stroll through the picturesque old town and buy presents and Christmas decorations made by hand. There are also stands selling traditional snacks as well as warming mulled wine, mulled cider and tea. The children enjoy the Fairytale Train which provides a free tour of Vaduz.


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Created: 5:37 AM 1/19/2017
Last updated: 5:38 AM 1/19/2017