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Figure 1.--No holiday is more associated with the home than Christmas. Here we have a Christmas post card, probably from the late 1920s. The greeting I think is in Dutch. I'm not sure about the natiionality of Roto.

A wide variety of events and special occassions are celebrated at home. There are of course the big holidays such as Christmas. Some holidays are primarily a private function while others are more community outfings. Christmas is of course the holiday most associasted with the home. There are also a variety of parties and other special occassions that are traditionally heald at home. These vary somewhat from country to country and are strongly affected by religious affiliation.

Holiday Seasons

The modern observation of many mondern holidays were often developed during the Victorian era. Children dress up in their best clothes for holidays like Easter or Christmas or wear costumes for some holidays like Haloween. There are some majorr differences between the celebrations and te clothes worn for certain holidays in different countries. Some holidays are specific national celebrations.

Tea Party

The tea party was once an important social event. Victorian children, often in the nursery, loved to have tea parties. The girls were of course most interested, but in the restricted environment of the nursery, boys incouraged by nanny and mother also participated. Little girls continue to enjoy tea parties, but boys are now much less interested.


Parties and other social events used io be much more formal than is the case today. Thus a boy's best outfit was his party suit. Of particular importance, of course, was a boy's annual birthday party. The nature and dress at these parties has changed significantly over the years. These parties were almost always indoor events in the 19th century, but in the 20th century the venue moved to some outdorr settings--perhaps to save wear and tear on the home.


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