Russian Parks

Figure 1--Thhese boys were photographed during the early 1970s on a family outing.. The park looks like the (WDNH) in Moscow. 'I think this is a Pavillion in the All-Russian Exhibition Centre. This park is near the Botanical Gardens.

We know very little about parks in Russia. We suspect that during the Tsarist era in the 19th century that parks were built along European lines in the major cities. We do no know what happen after the Revolution (1917). One would think that with the ethos of building a society for the people that considerable attention would have been given to building public parks, but we have little actual information. A Russian reader tells us, "Lots of parks were created in the 19th Century. They were still in use after the revolution. Some were joined together to form bigger green lungs." Perhaps the best known park is Moscow's Gorky Park. Gorky Park was a creation of two parks on the banks of the Moscow river. It is used in different ways in the summer and winter. In winter is is a skating park. all the paths are iced over and you wonder about on ice skates. A visitor explains, "I know I tried to walk there last week. I entered so the ice and the skiing and left until the snow goes away. The skiers were having lots of fun." There are grassed area by the river and it is popular in Summer for nice cool walks along the river. There are garden areas that while not exactly park land are pleasant spots around attractions where children feed the ducks and play on the grass. There is a nice little park by the Kremlin. It is used for sitting on the grass on hot days and eating picnic meals or for children playing ball games. Lots of quewes are experienced here in summer as tourists wait to visit Lenin's tomb and other attractions.


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