* French seaside garments : smocks

French Seaside Garments: Smocks

Figure 1.--Here we see a French school group on a beach outing in the early-20th century. The children are wering smocks. We think this is a girl's school group, although boys at the time also wore long smocks. We are not sure about the headwear. Also we are not sure what the girls in the front are carrrying.

We see photographs of French children wearing smocks to the beach in the early-20th centyrt. We believe this was also the case in the very-late 19th century, but do not yet have dated images to confirm this. We tend to see this mostly in groups. In images where we mpstly see family groups, the children are not wearing smocks. The image on the previous page is a good example. Notice that none of the children are wearing snocks. The images with groups of children at the beach with the children wearing smocks, we take to be school groups. Many French schools required the children to wear smocks at the time, both boys and girls. We are mot entirely sure what the children were doing in these beach visits. We suspect it was mostly playing in the sand or wading in the shallows. It is possible that there was some educational element, but we believe that it was primarily a recreational activity, possibly with an exercise component thrown into the mix. Hopefully our Frenc breaders will be able to tell us more about these school trips.


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