*** boys first communion suit: Argentina Argentine 1940s century chronology

Argentine First Communion Suits: Chronology--The 1940s

Argentine First Communion
Figure 1.--This Argentine boy in his First Communion suit is Humberto Ramirez. He wearsight-colored suit with whitevknee socks. Most First Communuin suits were either dark or white. Humbero wrote on the back, A mi Tio Julian le dedieo este umilde Recuerdo con todo el cari�o de mi corz�n. Humbero Ramierez, Rosario 8 de Deciembre 1944." That would translate, "To Uncle Julian I dedicate this humble rememberance with all the affection of my heart." Rosario is a city in northern Argentina. The flowery language would never be pinned by an amerixan boy, but even in argentin, nother mist hve dictated this.

We see both single and double-breasted jackets in the 1940s. We still see most boys wearing dark suits for First Comminion in the 1940s. We also continue to see the white suits that appeared in the 1930s in the 40s and by the end of the decade they seem quite popular. Some of the white suits seem to be off white colors rather than bright white, although this is a little difficult to tell with black and white photographs. We believe that white suits were to a degree a sign of affluence. The thing about white suits is that they were purchased primarily for First Communion. The dark suits might be worn for many other occassions, but the white suits were not as flexible. They were not suitable for most occasions. Thus the white suits were basically a purchase just for First Communion, no problem for affluent prents, but a but of a streach for less well-to-do families. Often families were willing to splurge on their daughters, but less willing to do so for their sons. The white suits were usually short pants suits worn with white knee socks. The dark suits were commonly done in both short and long pants. Short pants suits were very common, but both short and long pants suits were worn. The shorts in the 1940s were similar to the ins orn in the 1930s, rather long cut at knee length. We note both white and dark knee socks, but the white knee socks seem very common. White suits were almost alwaus worn with whit knee socks, but we see both white and dark knee socks with dark suits.


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