Illustrators: F.H. Townsend (English, 1868-1920)

Figure 1.-- F.H. Townsend did this poster for the United States Food Administration, prbably about 1915 or 16. "War Rages in France: They Cannot Fight & Raise Food at the Same Time : We Must Feed Them : Denying Ourselves Only a Little Means Life to Them." American food aid in fact saved millions of Europeans both during and after the War.

Frederick Henry Townsend was one of the most notable English satyrical political cartoonist. He was born in London (1868). He studied his craft at the at Lambeth School of Art. A fellow student at the time was Leonard Raven-Hill. Townsend contributed political cartoons to several newspapers and magazines, among which were The Daily Chronicle, Punch Magazine, The Graphic, The Tatler and The Illustrated London News. He also illustrated books, including children's books. He liked to do classics. Some of the books he illustrated included: Maid Marian (1895), Jane Eyre (1896), Shirley (1897), A Tale of Two Cities (1897), The Scarlet Letter (1897) and Rob Roy (1897). Other books included some Sherlock Homes mysteries (1903). He was appointed Punch first art director, but continued to contribute cartoons, some of which became famous, especially his World War I work. Perhaps the most famous was his "lNo Thoroughfare" hightlighting the German decision to invade France through Belgium after the German invasion of Belgium (1914). Another notable on was about a British by trying to enlist--"Recruits Wanted". He did a poster for the United States Food Administration to help promote food aid to the Allies. Townsend died while playing golf (1920). He was replaced as Art Director at Punch by Frank Reynolds.


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