* artists illustrating boys fashions: Michael Frederick Halliday

Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Michael Frederick Halliday (England, 1822-69)

Figure 1.--This painting by Michael Frederick Halliday (1822�69) depicts "Two Highland children by a Scottish stream" (1856). The faces are not up to high standards, but the clopthing depictiins are very useful to our HBC website. The girl wears a long skirt and a blouse; the boy a simple kilt (almost a tartan wrapped around the waist) with a jaket, vest, and shirt. Both are barefoot.

Michael Frederick Halliday did not begin as an artist and he died quite young, but he left some lovely genre images. He was born in Epsom Surrey (1822). His parents were Royal Navy Cpt. Michael Halliday and his wife Jane Hester Slack. His father held the post of a clerk in the parliament office, House of Lords untilhe died (1839). Michael showed no interest in painting as a boy. Only as an adult did he become interested. And he began to paint without ant academic training. The resulkts were well received. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy (1856). He held an official post in the House of Peers and as a hobby occasionally exhibited his work. This limited the number of his canvassas. His work was mostly English genre scenes, but we noitice a Scottish and Moroccan scene. He alsodid ethchings, at the time the only was to reproduce images in books and magazines. Halliday was among the first members of the Pre-Raphaelite school of painting. He passed away at the rather young age of only 47 years (1869).


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