* artists illustrating boys fashions: Harold Harvey

Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Harold Harvey (England, 1874-1941)

Figure 1.--This image of Cornish boys swiming at Newlyn was painted by Harold Harvey. We are not sure about the date, but it looks like the 1920s. Newlyn was a fishing village near Pensanze that developed an artist colony. Harvey grewup in Pensanze. He was a prolific artist that left us many views of Cornwall and its hardworking fishernmen, farmers, and miners. This included many views of the children.

Harold Harvey (1874–1941) was a one of the Newlyn School artists. Newlyn was a fishing port near Penzance in Corwall where an artist colony developed. They were atracted by the light, scencic Conish vistas, and colorful village life and villagers. Harvey was from Penzance. Harold's parents were Mary Bellringer Harvey and Francis McFarland Harvey. His father was a bank clerk. He was born in Penzance (1874). Harold was home schooled. He studied art at the Academie Julian in Paris under Norman Garstin (1894-96). He then studied at both the Académie Delécluse and the Academie Colarossi (1896). Harvey returned from France and began working with Norman Garstin in Penzance. He worked on various themes, incluing Ctowall landscapes and life settings as well as religious themes and interiors. He paintd in both oil and watercolor. Harvey married Gertrude Bodinnar (1911). Gertrude had posed for Harvey. It is at that time that she discovered that she had hidden artistic talent and became an artist in her own right, working with rextiles as wll as painting. They moved to Newlyn to join the developing art colony. He painted a wide range of Cirnish scens and people including some lovely images of children. The scene of the boys swimming at Newlyn (figure 1).


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