* artists illustrating boys fashions: Ludwig Jacobsen

Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Ludwig Jacobsen (Denmark, 1890-1957)

Figure 1.--This portrait shows Benjamin Hallet playing a chello or similar instrumnt dressed in a tightly laced dress. This engraving by James McAedell from the original painting by Thomas Jenkins was done about 1750.

Here we have a captivating portrait of a little Danish boy by a Ludvig Jacobsen. Strong colors and excellent detail. Jacobsen is a listed artist. He attended the Technical School but as a painter he was self-taught. He attained a scholarship from the Academy in 1923. Jacobsen was a great colorist. He painted landscapes and portraits but his main fields were genre paintings and figure compositions. He often chose motifs from the classic literature (Moliere, Holberg and Bellmann) and here he had a special gift in expressing the comical and satirical in the scenes. He was a frequent exhibitor at Charlottenborg from 1919-57, but also exhibited at Kunstnernes Efteraarsudstilling (the Artists' Fall Exhibition) in 1919 and the Saloon in Paris 1928-29. His works are represented in museums in Bornholm, Storstroem and Aarhus. The portrait looks to have been done in the 1920s. It looks like the child had hairbows.


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