Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Bastiano Mainardi (Italy, 1460 1513)

Figure 1.--This is one of Mainardi's Madonna paintings. Renaissance paintings began as religious portraits and even in the later phase at the dawn of the Reformation, religious paintings were very important. Even so, there is a great deal of fashion information because Biblical figures were commonly depicted in contemporary fashions and hair styles. Here the hair styles of the two anbgels give us an idea of girls in Florence at the time. Notice thatbMary and the angels are depicted as beautiful, but not the baby Jesus.

Bastiano Mainardi was an Italian Renaissance artist born in San Gimignano (1460). He is not one of the better known Renaissance artists. Besides his paintings, most of what is known about his life comes from the writings of Giorgio Vasari. Domenico Ghirlandaio was his brother-in-law and master. He was working in San Marco, Florence under the supervision of Ghirlandaio (1485). Mainardi is believed to have contributed to the frescoes in the Abbey of Passignano in Val di Pesa, near Florence. He is nest known for a series of Madonna with Child and of female portraits. Ar critics debate as to whethr some were done by Ghirlandaio. Even the religious paintings are of some value in a study of fashion, bcaus Renaissance artists tendedto paint Biblical figures in contemprary fashions. Mainardi died in Florence (1513).


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Created: 1:25 AM 10/24/2017
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