*** artists illustrating boys fashions : Emily Mary Osborn

Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Emily Mary Osborn (England, 1828-1925)

Osborn women in dustress

Figure 1.--This Emily Osborn painting, 'Nameless abnd friendless' (1857), is one of her most famous of Odborn's painting an an example of one of her prefered themes-- women in distress, often mothers with children. Here a widowed mother with three children is having to sell family possessions--in this case paintings. It has been described as 'The most ingenious of all Victorian widow pictures,' in prt because of the oggling swells.

Emily Mary Osborn (1828–1925), or Osborne, was a pioneer Vitoria n English artist. Artists in the 19th century were mostly male. She was not the first female artist, but an early one as women began to break long held stereotypes. Emily was born in Kentish Town in London (1828), the eldest of nine children of the Rev. Edward Osborn (1792–1859)and Mary (née Bolland, 1806–1868). Her innate abilities were observed at an early point. There was not a lot of money for lessons or material, but hr mother who had an interest in at encouraged Emily's early work. She attended evening classes at the Dickenson academy in Maddox Street. John Mogford taught her. After 3months, her father decided to stop lessons for financial reasons, but one of the teachers, J.M. Leigh offered to teach her privately with another student. She was able to study privately under Leigh and later at his academy in Newman Street for a year. At age 17 years she began showing her work in the annual Royal Academy exhibition (1851). Her mother died (1868) and she did not work for 6 months. Apparently she spent time in France. She and her sister devoted themselves to nursing wounded soldiers from the Franco-Prussian War. She was able to visit Venice and Algeria. Back in England she also toured and painted among the Norfolk Broads. As was the case of most female artist, she did genre work, often based on literary works. This was because they had trouble obtaining portrait commissions. She is especially known for painting women in distress, often mothers with children. Another well known Oborn painting is 'The Governess'. This was a rare employmet oportunity available for educated young women.


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