** Soviet boys' clothes in art: Jury Raksha

Artists: Jury Raksha (Soviet, 1937?-80)

Figure 1.--Jury Raksha is probably best known for his historical paintings, but he also did paintings like this celebrating every day life. This one was entiteled 'August' showing young people enjoying the warm summer weather.

Jury Raksha, he was a talented Soviet artist. We have not yet found biographical information on Raksha. So our information is very limited. We knowche cmarried and had a daughter. We have found some of his work. He seems to have done a range of paintings, but included among his work were some powerful historical pieces depicting many different eras from medieval Russia to World War II. We can't speak to the historical accuracy of the paintings. Perhaps some of our Russian readers will be able to comment. They do portray, we believe how many Russians view the various historical events. We are struck by the power of this painting. We are not sure when it was painted, but because of his age it had to be well after the War, perhaps on the 1970s. Raksha also worked as art the director on Soviet movies: 'Dersu Uzala' (1975) and 'The Ascent (1975). His last work was 'Kulikovo field' done as a medival triptych. It celebrated the victory of Prince Dimitry of Muscovy over the Golden Horde. One of his last paintings was a charming portrait of his daughter and some of her friends at an indoor swimming pool. He called it 'Little Bathers' (1979). Raksha tragically died from cancer (1980) at the age of only 43.


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Created: 5:45 AM 1/21/2011
Last updated: 11:45 AM 2/12/2011