Francis ("Frank") Owen Salisbury (England, 1874–1962)

Figure 1.--Salisbury is best known gor his historical paintings nd illustrtions a portraits of powerful leaders durung the inter-War and World War II. He also did society portraits. This is Lady Congleton and her children, probbly painted in the 1930s.

Francis ("Frank") Owen Salisbury (1874–1962) was an very coservative, patiotic English artist. He grew up in a large, prosperous working-class family. He was considered so delicate that he was educated at home. He had almost no formal schooling. His student teacher sister, Emilie, instructed him. He was apprenticed, at the age of 15 to his eldest brother who managed a stained glass company. Frank lerned about stained class, but his broher also got him into art school and he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools. Hus interest in hishory is reflected in both his work and the neo-Tudor mansion he built in Hampstead. I as a youth was struck by his powerful book illustrations before I knew who he was. He was a prolific artist and active in seveal generes, including society portraits, large canvases of historical and ceremonial events, stained glass, and book illustration. He became known as 'Britain’s Painter Laureate'. His art was decidely realistic and conservative. He had no time for modern art. His father was a plumber which makes his status as a conservative society artist interesting. He painted leading figures of the Inter-War and World War II era, both Britis and American. Churchill and the royal family were his favorite subjects. His daughters often features in his work.


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