Julian Russell Story (England/America, 1857-1919)

Figure 1.--This is English boy Louis Zborowski as child. He wears a white lascy dress with a huge green sash. His hair is done in ringlet curls. His mother was a wealty American heriss. He was about 3-4 years old when painted by Julian Story in 1898. Notice the wonderful borzoi, a affectation of the very rich at the time.

Julian Russel Story was born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England (1857). He was the youngest child of noted sculptor and poet William Wetmore Story, and the brother of sculptor Thomas Waldo Story. His parents led a cosmopolitan life in the guilded age of pre-World War I Europe. They spent a great deal of time in Italy and we assume Jullian did also as a boy. He was educated at Eton College and Brasenose College, Oxford University. While his brother followed his father's focus on sculpture, Julian chose painting as an artistic career. He studied in Munich and Paris. He became a very competent portrait painter. His skills began to be recognized with notable rewards (1880s). His body of work is mostly portraits and include the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII. We do not notice many portraits of children, but do notice a stunning portrait of Count Louis Vorow Zborowski (1898) as a child. Louis came from a very rich family which is why he was painted by an important portratist. He followed his father's interest in automobile racing and became an automobile engineer. His mother was a wealthy Amnerican heiress (Astor family wealth), Louis grew up in England. Story moved in the other direction and emigrated to America after establishing his artistic reputation in Europe. We are not sure why. We suspect America's phenomenal economic suceess offered many lucrarive commissions as well as his American wife were factors. He setup his studionin Philadelphia. He married Emma Eames, a young American diva stunning American and European audiences (1891). She divorced him (1907). He then married Elaine Sartori Bohlen (1909). They divided their time between America and Italy. The marriage produced three children. He died in Philadelphia (1919).


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