Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: August Anton Tischbein (Germany/Italy, 1805-after 1867)

Figure 1.-- August Anton Tischbein painted this scene somewhere near Rome about 1836. It shows a young mother with her child. The artist came from a German family, but spent a great deal of time in Italy and thus see Italian images.

August Anton Tischbein was born in Rostock, MeckIenburg (1805). August Anton was August Albrecht's son. He worked in his father's studio and also bcame an artist. He entered the Berlin Art Academy at age 19 years. He then entered the Dresden Academy (1826). He made his first trip to Rome to study master works (1829). He made another trip to study master works and broaden his horizons, this time to the Netherlands, England, the cities on the Rhine, and Switzerland (1832). He like many of the Tischbeins travelled throughout Italy because of their interest in art. He was, however, the only Tischbein to open a studio in Italy. He lived in Trieste which at the time was part of the Austrian Empire (1838-67). He ended up in Munich to continued his studies. Munich gave him access to the Alps and he made many trips to the Bavarian Mountains, the Tyrol, and northern Italy. He painted many landscape and genre scenes set in the Alps. Thus we see German, Austrian, and Italian scenes. The other Tischbeins mostly painted Germans and German scenes. August Abton pained quite a number of Italian scenes. He traveled to Rome again (1837). He subsequently taveled throughout northern and southern Italy. He finally settled in northern Italy. He married in Venice Venice and settled in Trieste.


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