* biographies : E.M. Forster

Biographies: Edward Morgan (E.M.) Forster (England, 1879-19??)

Figure 1.--The noted English author E.M Forster is pictured here at the age of 5 years in 1884. This shows that Fauntleroy-looking dresses existed even before the publication of Mrs Benett's book. Her book helped to popularize the idea of fancy clothes for boys that was already underway. E.M. Forster also wears pantalettes. While they were becoming less fashionable, pantalettes were still worn by some boys as late as the 1890s. His rich aunt who left him a sizeable inheritance, reportedly liked to see him nicely dressed.

The noted English author was born in London and educated at King's College, Cambridge University. He wore dresses through the age of 5 years. A picture of his at the age of 5 in 1884 shows him wearing a Fauntleroy dress with lace trimmed pantalettes. These Fauntleroy outfits and the long curls were reportedly insisted on by his wealthy aunt, Marianne Thornton. The party outfits worn by Morgan up until 9 or 10 are described by the author as Fauntleroy suits. When his Aunt Marianne died she left him 8,000 pounds which enabled him to pursue a career as a writer. His first novel, Where Angels Fear to Tread appeared when he was only 26 in 1905, but displayed an unusual maturity of style. He had left-wing leanings and in 1920 was the literary editor of the Daily Herald, a Labour paper. He traveled to India in 1920 and in 1922 published A Passage to India. He fought against censorship in Britain and was given a Government post in 1939 to study the question. The primary them in his work is the conflict between those who live by convention and those who live by emotion; between the love of property and possessions, and human values and relationships. Several of his novels have been made into important movies and television productions. One of his lesser known works is a biography of his aunt's family, the Thorntons. (See Inglis Synnot Thorton.)


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Created: June 28, 2003
Last updated: June 28, 2003