Ernest Hemingway: Children

Figure 1.--This snapshot was taken at his rented house (Finca Vigia) in Cuba (1942). It shows a tender side to the perceived super-macho, hunting Hemingway. Here he is with sons Patrick and Gregory playing with several kittens. The cats had an unusual congential deformity, having extra toes. (Polydactyly). At the time, America had entered World War II and his older son Jack would sign up for the OSS.

Novelist Ernest Hemingway had three children. The first was John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway (1923-2000). His mother was Heminways first wife Elizabeth Hadley Richardson. The couple had returned from Europe so the baby could be born in America, but he was born in Toronto, Canada. He was usually called Bumby or Jack. None other than Gertrude Stein and her partner, Alice B. Toklas, were his godparents. He would lead an even more adventuresome life than his father. He joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II. This was the United States wartime spy agency and predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He worked with the French Resistance. He was wounded and captured by the Germans Nazis behind the front lines in the Vosges Mountains where the Germans were still resisting (October 1944). He could have been shot, but was instead held as a prisoner-of-war at Mosberg Prison Camp until he was liberated (April 1945). Hemingway's second son was Patrick (1928- ) who he had with his second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer. She was the cause of the breakup with Hadley. Their second son was Gregory (19312001). Hemingway was very close to the boys and is particularly known for taking them big game fishing in Cuba.


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