Figure 1.-- Dudley 'Mush' Morton married Hariet Nelson Avent in Tsigtao, China (1936). Tsigtao was a treaty port. Note the ring bearer, James Avent Jr. --the bride's little brother, wearing an Eton suit.

Dudley "Mush" Morton (United States, 1907-43)

Dudley Walker Morton known as "Mush" was the most famed American submarine commander of World War II. Morton was born in Owensboro, Kentucky. He graduated from the Naval Academy (1930). While at Anapolis he acquired his nickname 'Mushmouth' later shortened to Mush. He married Hariet Nelson Avent in Tsigtao, China, a treaty port (1936). He commanded the fleet sunmarine USS Wahoo (SS-238) during the peak of the Pacific War, taking her on five combat patrols. The Wahoo sank at least 19 Japanese ships, more than any other submarine during a comparable period. Morton and Wahoo never returned from the last patrol.


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