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Eton suit
Figure 1.--Here we have a portrait of who we believe to be the Fithian boys. The boys look to be about 10 anf 15 years old. The younger boy wears a short pants Eton suit. This is a good example of how short pants were a particularly popular style with well-to-do families. This was especially true of the Eton sut at the time. His older brother wears a checked sport jacket with long pants. The portrait unfortunately is undated, but we would guess was taken in the 1930s.

The HBC biography section is for people or families that have achieved some degree of notariety or fame. HBC readers in many cases have submitted family portraits. HBC has until now not added them to the biography section. We believe now that this is a mistake. Many of the HBC readers contributing family portraits can also provide details about the boy and him family. This background information help us to assess social trends and put the fashions involved in perspective. This is just why the biographical section is an important part of HBC. As a result, HBC has decided to create pages for these relatively unknown people, when some basic family data is available. Incidentally if you find a relative here, please do tell us somehing about him. Here we are listing these biographies alpahabetically to facilitate looking up individual names. The alphabdetical list is the primary data base in this section. While we have not persued geneolgical resreach on these individual, having the names and in many cases the loaction provide the potential to acquire more back ground information in the future which may provide additonal insights into the fashion and life style trends.

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