Princess Marguerite de Broglie and her Cousin Robert: Children's Clothes

Figure 1.--Here we see aclose up of Robert and he is indeed is clearly wearing a tartan kilt. The outfit is more of a kilt suit than a Highland kilt, but it does appear t be a proper kilt. He wears it with dark socks rather than argyle knee socks like British boys or long tockings like American boys.

Robert de Broglie here in 1890 wears a black velvet jacket and contrasting vest (waistcoat), I am not sure if there is a pattern. He also wears what looks like a kilt skirt. I think it has a tartan patter, but it is a little hard to tell. I don't think kilts were very common in France, but amng wealthy families, apparently some boys wore them. A French reader tells us, "When I return to Carnavalet, I will look at this question. The painting is very big and I will be able to make out more detail than the small image here. I believe, that Robert is wearing a kilt." Our reader has provided te detailed image here (figure 1). And t show that he indeed was wearing a kilt. Unfortunately wecan't make out much detail, but it is clearly akilt. Robert alo has a small lace collar which is shaped like an Eton collarwith matching wrist trim. Princess Marguerite wears a blue velvet dress with lace trim at the neckline. The children are clearly European. An American boy would have never worn three-quarter socks like this, but always long stockings.


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