*** George Spencer Candloge?

George Spencer Carr-Lloyd
Figure 1.-- Writing on the back of this CDV portrait reads like George Spencer [Candloge?} in March 1866. We could not make out the last name very well. Fortunately a British reader has come to our resue. The last name is Carr-Lodge. Spencer is of course a very famous name in England, most recently it was Princess Diuana's maiden name. George was about 14 years old. Our reader tell us that he died about the time that this portarit was taken after a short illness. The studio was Hills & Saunders, Eton & Oxford. Click on the image to see the back of the card.

George Spencer Carr-Lloyd (England, 1852-66)

This CDV portrait shows George Spencer Carr-Lloyd in March 1866. Spencer is of course a very fan=mous name in Enhglnd, mist recently it was Princess Diuana's maiden name. George looks to be about 14, perhaos 15 years old. The studio was Hills & Saunders, Eton & Oxford. Hills & Saunders was one of the leading English Victorian photographic firms, started as a partnership between Robert Hills & John Henry Saunders. They were social photographers with studios at different times in: London (society), Harrow & Eton & Rugby (locations of leading schools), Oxford & Cambridge (leading universities), Aldershot & Sandhurst (army). The way George is dressed and with a studio in Eton, George surely must be a student at Eton College. This was the uniform worn by junior boys. Notice the top hat on the table. He wears an Eton College uniform consiting of a small Eton collr, short black jacket, vest, and light-colored trousers. The rather small and not very stiff looking Eton collar is interesting. The classic Eton collar that was to become so popular had apparently not yet fully developed or was not aslways wiorn away from school. George is also holding an umbrella. His uniform is very similr to the modern Eton College uniform. Notice the largely blank background, characteristic of 1860s CDVs. Not filling up the frame with the subject was another chracteristic of 1860s images. This was because the cards were often saved in albums that covered up the edges. We also see these same trends in the United States. In this case we have the date which helps us estimare when undated portraits were taken.


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