Figure 1.--Here Alexander wearing Lederhosen arrived in the Amazon for his summer adventure.

Alexander Schultz (Brazil, 1961)

Brazil had a small German population. I know little about it at this time. Some of the Brazilian German boys wore Lederhosen. A good example is Alexander Schultz whose father worked with a So Paulo museum. His gfather was the Chief of Expeditions with the So Paulo State Museum. Alexander spent a summer living with the Amazonian Indians. Alexander's parents take him in 1962 to live with the Indians in the tropical forest of Amazonia for his summer vacation. Alexander must have had quite a story to tell when his teacher asked him what he did on his summer vacation. Alexander was 8 years old at the time. He spent the summer living like a little Indian boy. The Indians thought his name was ugly and named him Teemaree. They also painted him all over which Alexander said tickled.


Harald Schultz, "Blue-eyed Indian," National Geograpgic Magazine (July, 1961).


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