Figure 1.--An English boy, Ambrose Turner, wore this combination underwear garment his mother made about 1839-40. We are not entirely sure what outfits he would have worn with. Source: Manchester Art Gallery.

Ambrose Turner (England, 1836-1910)

Ambrose Turner was an English boy born in November 1835. He was the youngest son in the family. We believe that the Turner family was an affluent family, but have no specific detais. We do not know much about him at this time. He died in 1910. ll that we know about how Ambrose was dressed as a boy is a combination underwear garment his mother Ann Turner made for him when he was about 4 years old in 1939 or 40. Unfortunately we do not have a portrait of Ambrose. Photography was not yet a viable commercial process. As far as we know no painted portrait exists. Thus we do not know know how Ambrose was dressed. A age 4 he might not have been breeched and may have still worn dresses. Or he might worn a skeleton suit or though in 1840 they were going out of style. The low neck-line suggests to us that this combination outfit was worn with dresses, but we do not know enough about early and mid-19th century underwear to be sure about this.


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