*** Harris Whittemore, Jr

Fauntleroy collar
Figure 1.--Here we see Harris wearing his black velvet kilt suit with artist Marie Casett in 1898. He would be the model for her paintung, boy with golden hair. She painting him in blue sailor suit, privanly to add a liitle color to her painting. Click on the image to see Harris' kilt suit.

Harris Whittemore, Jr. (United States, about 1898)

The Whittemores were an established Connecticvut fasmily. John Howard Whittemore (1837–1910) made a fortyne in Irin mnufacturing. He and his he son, Harris (1864–1927) were envhanted by French impressionist artists. They commpiled a magbificent collection. In doing so they maade the aquaintance of Marie Cassat. She wound up paining family members. Here we see Harris Jr. eith Cassat. He is wearing a three piece black velveteen kilt suit (1898). It includes the coordinated kilt jacket, kilt skirt, and vest. The three pieces all have the same dark grey decorarive piping, a little difficult to see because it is so dark. We have images of the different garment, showing in detail was a kilt suit consisted of at the time. It was worn with a large blue floppy bow wih silver lines and a large lace collar. The lace collar pictured in the vintage garment page is not original. The bow is not the worn worn in the photograph. It would have been an expensive outfit for a boy at the time. he size is reportedly 4-6 years, although the picture of Harris Whittemore Jr. who wore it shows a slightly younger boy. Harris lived in Middlebury, Conecticut. The family apparently moved in the upper crust. Harris was the model for Marie Cassat's 'Boy with the golden curls' (1898), although for the painting, Harris is depicted in a blue sailor outfit. Harris attended Yale University (1910s). Aviation made huge advances during World War I. We begin to see aviation companies being founded and airlines. Whittemore founded Bee Line, New England's first airline. It later became Colonial Airlines, IncHe founded Bee Line, Inc. he line received Civil Air Mail contract No. 1 (1926). It later was acquired by American Airlines. As a young man hec was active in politics. He was Mayor of Naugatuck (1922-27) and again (1932-34). He also served one term in the Conndcticut House. He then ficused on business. He was president of the Lewis Engineering Company in Naugatuck until 1939 and was board chairman since 1939. He married Roberta. They had three sons, John, Robert and Harris Whittemore III.


"Harris Whittemore Jr., 80, Founded Colonial Airlines," New York Times (June 20, 1974).


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