Boys Fashions: The 1910s Hair Styles

Figure 1.--This Texas boy was photogrphed in 1919 with his baby sister. Notice the Buster Brown bangs.

We have begun to collect some infoemation about hair styles for boys in the 1910s. The elaborte long hair styles, both ringlet curls and straight hair continued to declinein popularity, but had not yet disappeared. Those boys still wearing curls were more likely to have shorter curls. Also it became increasingly rare to find school age boys in curls. One veru popular style for boys were bangs. They were called Buster Broen bangs in America atter a popular comic strip character. This was the case in many countries. Most school-age boys wore short haor cut around the ears. This was worn both with bangs and with side parts. Mosy but not all boys had left parts.


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Created: October 12, 1998
Last updated: January 2, 2004