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Country Trends: Unknown Images

unknown 1900s image
Figure 1.--Most Americans gve European origins, but usually you can differentiate Anericans and Europeans with clues in the images. These children are probably American siblings photographed in the wearly 1900s decade. But we are not enturely sure. Many boys were photographed barefoot, but noyt usyally in well done sailor suits like the biy here. And the older boys jacket does not look like it is was store bought whjich was usually the case at the time. . In addition boys this age generally wore long pants. So we are left guessing.

Unlike countries, rarely are we unable to identify the continents where the images we have found were taken. We have many unidentified images, but thet are images where the country is unknown. We have genrrallya been able to idenyify the continent. The major problem here is that Europeans have geberall colonized both North an South America as well as two countries in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). A range of clues such as clothing or other features can often allow us to differentiate between Europe and the Americas. Of course with globelization we may come across such images, but this is mostly a problem for the future. There are images for which we cannot identify the country. We have archived these images in each continent sections. Here an in other unknown sections, we welcome reader input.


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Created: 5:08 AM 6/3/2024
Last updated: 5:08 AM 6/3/2024