Libyan Geography

Figure 1.--Here we see Libyans photographed on the side of a costal road, we think during World War II. This is at a point that the coasyal grass lnds begin to give away to the vast Sahara Desert which dominated the country. The photographer was a German who titeled the photograph Wüstensöhne -- sons of the desert. The barefoot men may be slaves. Photographer: H. Schlösser.

Libya is a North African country located in the easter Magreb between Egypt to the east and Tunisia and Algeria to the west. To the south in the tractless Sahara are borders with Niger, Chad, and Sudan. The country's Mediterranean coast and the Sahara Desert are the most notble natural features. Libya has the longest Mediterranean coastline of all mediterranean countries. And as a result boasts many unspoiled beaches, few of which re developed for tourists. Most of the Libyan population is concentated in the narrow coastal plain. The rest of the country is mostly desert. South of the coastal area the vast Sahara Desert begins. Libyan has a terrain that is mostly barren ground. There are undulating plains, plateaus and depressions. There are no real mountain ranges although some highpoints dot the countryside. The closest to mounaneous ground is the Tibesti Massif in the extreme south marking the lengthy border with Chad. The highest point in Libya is Bikku Bitti at 7,437 ft (2,267 m). The lowest point is Sabkhat Ghuzayyil at -154 ft (-47 m). Along the narrow coastal strip is sparse grasslands gradully giving way to the Sahara Desert. This vast, dry wasteland dominates most of Libya. as it is infertile, in fct virtully sterile, it supports an extremely small percentage of Libya's population and agriculture.


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