Libyan Photography

Figure 1.-- We know the photographer was a German, but have not been able to find much information about him. We do know that his Lbyan work was being sold in NAZI Germany, we think during the War. The children here are clearly concerned even afraid of the photographer. He entitled the photograph, 'Arabische Mädchen' meaning Arab girls. He did not even know that the children were not both girls. Photographer: H. Schlösser.

We have little information about the history of Libyan photography. We do not yet have any 19th century photographic images from Libya. This is because it was extremely backward. It was, however, nominally part of the Ottoman Empire. In other aran countries, photography was intriduced by Europeans bring ing the needed technology. We do not know what the demand, if any, for photography was in Libya during the 19th century. Presumbly photography de eloped more significanly with the arrvival of the Italians. We do not yet have any exmples of Italian work. We do note a German photograher active we think in the warly-1940s with the arrivl of the Afrika Korps (1941). He has left us some interesting ethnographic images, but as far as we can tell he made no attempt to develop any lind of relationship with them, only photographing a few along the roads or around German military camp. In fact he had so little contact, or apparent interest that he did not understand that the younger child here was a boy (figure 1).


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