Belgian Boys Clothes: Garments--Neckwear

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified Belgian boy, we think in the 1930s, wearing a suit without a tie, even for a formal portrait.

We note Belgian boys wearing a variety of neckwar with bth blouses and suits. Neckwear seems to have been quite popular un the kare-219th and early-20th century. We note some very large floppy bow. The styles seem simolar to those worn by other European boys in neighboiring countries. We see cravats, stocks, floppy boys, and neckties. Bowties do not seem very common, although we see a few smaller boys wearing them as well in the 1950s and 60s. We do not note any destinctly Belgin styles. Rather France and Germany seem the primary fashion influences in Belgium. We note boys wearing blouses both with and without neckwear. We also see quite a few boys wearing suits without nckwear as well. This seems to have been particularly common in the inter-War era. Neckwearseems to have become much less common inthe late-20th century, but the same seems true of suits as well.


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Created: 11:17 PM 1/14/2009
Last updated: 11:17 PM 1/14/2009