** Canadian boys hair styles Exemples de coiffure chez les garçons en Canada

Canadian Boys' Hair Styles

Figure 1.--This Canandian boy in 1973 wears bangs with his hair long at the side. I'm not sure precisely what to call it, probably a page boy cut. Image courtesy of Michel Coron.

As far as we can tell, Canadian boys have worn the same basic hair styles as American boys. We can not differentiate between American and Canadian images by just looking at the hair styles. American and We can detect few significan differences. We see fewer Fauntleroy ringlet curls, but beyond that we do see imprtant differences. Our information is, however, very limited and mostly pertains to the 20th century. There appears to have been some French influence among French Camdian boys, but even here the basic fashion inluence appears to be American. We have begun to collect information on both hair styles and parts and our Canadian sectionnis gradually griwing. Hopefully our Canadian readers will offer their insights.



We have begun to collect information on the various hair styles that we have noted. We have been unable to acquire much written information, but can piece together some information from the photographic record. Our Canadian archive is still limited. We have very little 19th crntury information, but the images we have found from the 20th century shiw with inly a few exceptioins the sames stles anf trends we observe inthe United States.



We note the same basic hair parts in Canada as we have noted in Britain and America. We do not know of any destinctive Canadian styles. We have no written information on Canadian hair parts, but have begun to collect some images to demonstrate some of the basic types of parts. In many casres the parts can not even be made out and in other instajnces there are razor parts where the mother has given great attention to combing the part.


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Created: October 9, 2003
Last updated: 2:30 AM 3/10/2021