Canadian Boys' Clothes: Color

Figure 1.--This CDV is a hand colorized black-and-white portrait. It shows an unidentified boy in a forrest green velvet dress with added Fauntleroy trim. This old black & white photo was hand colorized. We tend to believe in mosr cases the studio attempted to accuately represent the colors. And it is aood example how images that look like black vever may be colors like blue, brown, burgundy, anf green. The studio was Inglis in Montreal. The oval white circle is more than likely the remains from it being in an oval frame. We would guess the portrait was taken in the 1880s, CDVs continued to be popular in Canhada longer than America, as was the case in Europe.

Another interesting fashion topic is color. Unfortunately we still know very little about color in Canadian fashions. Not only is our Canadian photographic archive limited, but we have very little information on Cannadia art. And period paintings is an important part of color information, especially before the advent of photography. Of course early photography was black and white, but colorized images are useful if not the same as actual color photography. We suspct that Canadian color trends are very similar to American color trends, but this need to be confirmed. English color trends may also be important. We think it is American trends that is probably the most important and fortunately that is the country we know the most about. Basically we see boys in America and Canada generally preferring more sunsued colors than hirls, but adding touches of bright colors in bows and ties. This all is, however, impossible to address in any detail without a substantial Canadian archive which we do not yet have. Our preliminary assesment is that Canadian color trends are very similar to those in the United States. This is, however, a topic that requires a great deal of additional work and building our archive.


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