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Figure 1.--Here we see a family outing sometime in the 1950s. It looks like a park area with some kind of refreshment concession. he boys look to be about 4-7 years old.

Headwear was very important in the early-20th century, but after World War II (1939-45) we see kess gheadwear. School caps had become the primary headwear worn by British boys. We still see school caps in the 19590s, but fewer than in the 40s, especially by the late-50s. We still see mostly long-sleeve collar shirts, but by the end of the decade we begin to see more short-sleeved shirts during the summer, we think T-shirts and polo shirts began to become popular in the late-50s, but we do not yet have much information on that. Ties were still common, especially for school wear. We do see a definative trend toward casual wear. We still see boys wearing suits, but fewer than in than before the War. Tuis is somrthing less visable than in America, because so many schools required fiormal suit-like school uniforms. Sweaters continue to be very common. School-style V-neck sweaters were the most common. Most boys, including some quite old boys still wore short trousers. Grey school shorts were standard. We see a shift from flannel to Terrelyn. We see khaki shorts for summer wear. We also see shorter cut, Continental lengths like those in France and Germany becoming more common in Britain. While shorts were still common, we see more long pants being worn. They were worn for both dress wear and casual wear. We see more boy beginning to wear long pants for dress wear, but shorts were still very common for school wear. Fewer boys wore short pants all year round, but they were still commonly worn in the summer. Corduroy shorts were popular for casual wear and were even adopted at some schools. Scouts and Cubs still had short pants uniforms. The Cubs used grey shorts and knee socks becaue so many boys already had grey shorts and knee socks for dchool wear. All they needed was to buy a green cap and sweater. Knee socks were still common as short pants were still prevalebt even duriung the summer. We we see more ankle socks, especially during the summer. we see some sneakers, but they werre not yet very common. School sandals were very common, both for school wear and summer wear. These were casual strap shors with a center strap. We still more school sandals than sneakers during the summer. For school wear, school sandals were always worn with socks, but during the summer without socks. Both boys and girls wore school sandals.


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