*** 20th century English boys clothes : post-war the 1960s continental influence

English 1960s Boys' Clothes: Continental Influences

English boys clothes continental influences 1960s
Figure 1.-- Here English children line up for an ice cream treat in what looks like a suburban council estate. Lyons Maids seem to be the English version of the Good Humor man. The photograph is undated, but looks like the early-1960s. Notice the shorter, more trim fitting shorts than the ones worn in the 1950s, more like Continental styles.

Trends that began in the 1960s became increasingly apparent in the 1960s. and along with thatwe see what look to us Continental influences. France seems to have been the primary foreign influence, although by the end of the decade, America was beginning to have an impact. England was a fashion dark hole after World War II. Andbecause of Labour Party policies, Britain did not revover as fast as Continental countries, even Germany that hadessentially bren reduced to rubel. Clothes rationing continued into the early-50s. This only began to change with Cco-Chanel (an anti-Semetic NAZI collavorator) cane outwith a new look (1954). It was very popular in both Amnerica and Britain. French children's fashions also seem to have crossed the Channel although they have attracted less interest among fashion historians who alwaysfiocusmore on women's fashions. Short pants were still commonly worn in the 1960s, but by increasingly younger boys--especially by the end of the decade. We no longer see many of the long baggy shorts that were still very common for English boys in the 1950s. Boys began wearing clothes with a European influence. This meant more trimly and shorter cut short pants. These were common on the Continet by the 1940s, but not in Britain where 1940s styles persisted longer. The new Continental styles also begin to show up in schoolwear.


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