English 1960s Boys' Clothes: Garments

Figure 1.--This snapshot looks like a family visit perhaps with friends to a zoo or park during the 1960s. Several clothing trends are apparent First of all we see some schoolwear items beig worn (grey V-nck sweater, school tie, blazer, school, grey shorts, grey ankle socks, and school sandals). The boy is wearing an amocrack wth short pants. Shorts were still worn in cool weather, especially school shorts. One girl is wearing a cardigan sweater. The girls wear white socks. You rarely see boys wearing white socks. Both boys and girls are wearig sandals. We are not sure just what kind of footwear h middle girl is wering. It was, however, less common or girls to hve their knee socks falling down. This was more common with boys.

We see some major changes in English boys wear during the 1960s. The bsic school peaked cap tht had been so common for decades largly disappared. We continue to see some at private preparatory schools and for cubs but we no longer see them being commonly worn. The amorack became a major jacket type. We begin to see boys wardrobes becoming more varied. Boys no longer commonly wore suits as they did through the 1950s. The amorack became a major casual jacket type. It was perfectly suite for britain because it waslight and could be put on tken off in the Country's changeable weather conditions. We begin to see more casual shirts like "T"shirts. Short pants were still commonly worn, but were not as universal as was the case in the 1950s and earlier decades. The short pants that were worn wer often grey and became increasingly short and less baggy in the 1960s, folloing Continental styling. Short pants suits by the end of the decade it was rare to see an older boy wearing short pants suits with knee socks. The exception was for school uniform. We see short pants suits and blazers worn with shorts at many private schools, epecially preparatory schools. Jeans became increasingly popular during the 1960s, especially among teenagers, but they were not allowed at school. Younger boys might wear jean shorts. Knee socks were still worn, especially in coolr earther, but along with long pants we see more ankle socks. Knee socks were especially common for school wear and were often called school socks. Sandals continued to be very common, especially for primary school age children Bothboys and girls wore them. We see trainers/plimsols (sneakers) becoming increasingly popular by the end of the decade. Sandals continued to be much more common than in America.


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Created: 4:46 PM 1/26/2018
Last updated: 4:46 PM 1/26/2018