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English Boys' Headwear: Sailor Hat Styles--Boaters

English sailor hats boaters
Figure 1.--Here we see an English family, we think in the 1880s. The children look to be about 5-10 years old. The boys are wearing boaters with their sailor suits. The girl is wearing a fancy hat, but as a collar with a sailor touch. Notice mother has a similar boater, but a highly decorated one. The studio is W. Coles in Watford.

Boaters are now seen as an adult hst, but some boys did wear them, mostly in the 19th century. Some older boys wore them at school. We note some younger boys wearing boaters with sailor suits. Royal Navy ratings (enlisted men) did not wear uniforms in the early-19 century. Even at mid century the Royal Naby was just beginning to estanlisj what is now the stabdard sailor unifirm. Boaters is ine style wirn by sailors. The boaters varied somewhat, espdecially in the 19th century. We see much higher tops that we generally think of with boaters. We only see boys wearing boaters with sailor suits in the 19th century. They were not nearly as common as wide-brimmed hats, but we do see some. Boaters were still worn in the early-20th century, but not very commonly by the younger boys wearing sailor suits.


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