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English Cut-away Jacket Suits: Chronology--The 1860s

English cut-away jackets
Figure 1.--This CDV portrait shows two children about 2-6 years old. The little girl wears a pinafore and dress, The boy wears a cut-away jacket with a vest and knickers--all of whuch do not match. The portrait would have been taken in the 1860s. Notice that the jacket is brand new. Mother boughtbab largev size hoping it could be worn longer. We are not sure about the vest and knickers. The studio was T. & J. Holroyd in Harrogate.

Our information is still limited, but we think that cut-away jackets were most common in the 1860s We have much more information on English cut-away jackets with the 1860s when CDVs began to be taken in large numbers. With the appearance of the CDV, we have many examples from the 1860s. We see them being commonly worn in the 1860s. A good early example was Ernst Frederick in 1861. The Watson boys in 1863 are another exmple. Another example two Frome boys wearing identical cut-away jacket suits. And we note the Smith boys. We see the Grange/Smith boys wearing identical cut-away jacket suits. They have very plain jackets with knicker pants. We see a trend toward matching garments, but w still see some boys weraring jackets and pants that did not match. The boy here is a good example (figure 1). This was more common in the 1850s, but we still see it in the 1860s. It becomes very rare by the 1870s. Many of the suits were three-piece suits with vests.


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