** Montenegro


Figure 1.--This photograph shows Montenegian boys wearing standard styles during the early-20th century. The photograph was taken about 1916 duriung the Cenbtral Powers occupation of Montenegro.

Montenegro is a small Balkan country at the southern end of the Dinaric Alps with a Adriatic coast seoarating Bosnia and Kosovo. The population is basically ethnic Serbs and its history is strongly associated with Serbia. Except for a narrow Adriatic coast, the terraine is primarily rugged mountains where medieval villages can still be found. The Bay of Kotor is an importnt coastal feature, rather like a Noregian fjord, but in warm waters. Here posuresque churches and fortified towns such as Kotor and Herceg Novi cn be found. Inland is Durmitor National Park with native wildlife including bears and wolves, and scenery including limestone peaks, glacial lakes and the 1,300m-deep Tara River Canyon. The country's administrative capital is Podgorica, but its historic capitala nd cultural center is Cetinje. Some Monegnegrians see themselves as Serbs although a strong sence of delf identity has developed. T he two countries were divided from Serbia during the Ottoman era. Albanians became increasingly present in the Kosovo region seoarating Serbia and Montenegro. Serbians began referring to Montenegrans as 'mountain Serbs'. After World War I it became a part of Yugoslavia After the disolution of Yugoslavia it has been gebnerally assocuated with Seebia, but voted for independence (2006). Within the European Uniion umnbrella, it is possible for small countries to be iundeoendent.


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