French Boys Activities: Outings--Tourism

Figure 1.--Chinon is a populat tourist site in France in central France. It is on the Vienne River, near its confluence with the Loire. It is surrounded by some of the best vineyards in the Loire valley. The town is surrounded by ruined castelsans chateaus. Chinon was an important town during the medieval period. Henry Plantagenêt, Count of Anjou, was crowned King Henry II of England (1154). He was one of England's most important kings. His castle at Chinon was one of his favorite residences. One of the most important events of the mediveal era occurred here. Joan of Arc came here to acknowledge the dephaun as the future kinf of France (Charles VII) (1429). This alone makes Chinon a mecca for tourists. The two boys here worked as tour guides. I suspect the page boy hair cut and tunic the one boy wears is associate with medieval histoty.

Tourism is also popular. France is today one of the most popular countries for tourism around the world. When people are questioned where they want to visit, France inevitably is at the top or near the top of the list. Before World war II, intenational travel was for the wealthy, but there were plenty of domestic tourists. There is plenty to see in France: Rivierra beaches, many historical sites with wonderful castles and chateaus, beautiful country side, wine areas, Paris with all its art treasures, religious sites, and much more. The building of rail lines in the 19th century was a major step in making tourism possible for the averahe person. Children of course were involved both as tourists on family trips and working at tpurists sites in a range of capacities.


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