German Boys' Clothes: Coordinated Outfits--Sibling Permutations

Figure 1.-- These German siblings photographed in 1927 seem to be dressed almost identically except for the customary trousers and skirt. Only their shoes are different. Notice that their knit tops have the same type of decoration on the collars. We are not sure about the colors. The children seem to be about 3-5 years old. Both are wearing the fashionable tan long stockings, obviously with Leibchen and supporters.

There were several permutations of the family identical or coordinated dress approach which were commonly adopted along age and gender lines. And of course the common apprach was most xommon with small families close in age. Larger families posed more complications. There were families in which all the children were dressed identically or in coordinated outfits. We do not see a lot of these instances, but we do see some. Other families dressed all of the younger children alike. Here the age line varried. And this could be a mix of brothers and sisters depending on the ages of the children. Almost always thus was an older sister and yonger brother. While we say dressed alike, of course when we say alike we mean the boys wearing pants and the girls wearinf similarly cut skirts, often pleated skirts. Much rarer wre younger sisters and older brothers. In some families all the boys or all the girls of a certain age were dressed alike.


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Created: June 3, 2001
Last updated: 12:11 AM 5/11/2011