German Bavarian Jackets: Styles

Figure 1.-- Here we see an unidentified German father and son, probably about 1960. The boy wears the style of Bavarian jacket done without lapels. It is a plainer style, but there is a hint ogf trim around the lit spockets. It looks to be a grey jacket with dark green trim. The boy looks to be 11-12 years old. These Bavarian jackers were commonly worn with Lederhisen. This boy also wears dark knee socks.

Bavarian jackets are made in two major ways. We do not know if the Germans have actual terms for these two different styles. A German reader tells us,"Different terms for these two types of Bavarian jackets is not known to me. The German word for this kind of jackets is 'Janker', both in south Germany and Austria." The photographic record provides many exmples of both. Some boys were made without lapels and little or new collars. They thus were made to button at the collar, but boys often did not do so. Others were made with high-set lapels. The lapels were often decorated. An oak leaft was a popular decoration. We also see the lapels done with velvet. The button material varied, including metal, buckhorn, or coins are typical. These jackets are often green and done with grey trim or visa versa. The border of the collar and the embroidery typically is in a dark green. The German language term is "„Tegernsee“. They are done with slit pockets which are commonly decorated with trim. Two side pockets and one left breast pocket was a common arrangement. Both styles seem very popular. We are not sure which is the most traditional.


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