German Bavarian Jackets: Useage

Figure 1.--

We see German boys wearing Lederhosen with and without Bavarian jackets. Most commonly they wee worn without the jackets, but we see quite a number of boys wearing the jckets. With the Bavarian jackets they were worn for a range of school or dressy occassions. Lederhosen could be wirn for play or outsoor activitie, but with the Bavarian jackets they were worn for more formalmoccassions or possibly dchool. A dressy look could be achieved with just a white shirt and tie. When a jacket was needed for dressy occassions are on cool days, a Bavarian jacket was a common choice. A regular suit coat or sports jacket could be worn, but Bavarian jackets seem more common with Lederhosen. We see them worn to school as well as for more dressy occassions like Church on Sunday. We see boys with their parents drssed up. They could be going to church, park outings, as well as a variety of other occassions like parties, visiting relatives, or othe occassions. It is not always clear from the available images just where the family was going, but if the parents are also dressed upyou can get a good idea of the type of occassion.


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